Single Width Tower 12.2m Handrail Height
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Single Width Tower 12.2m Handrail Height

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Working heights range from 3.2m to 14.2m and give a work platform for no more than two people.


A PASMA qualification may be required for commercial use, formal qualifications are not required for domestic DIY applications / users.


* No more than 275kg evenly distributed is to be placed on a single platform, and no more than 550kg evenly distributed is to be placed on a pair *


The Trapdoor (3T) System

  • This method of construction reduces the risk of a fall from height when erecting 3T Alloy Scaffold Towers.
  • Using standard components, the erectors will always be protected by a set of guardrails.
  • A 3T assembly guide which is designed to provide customers with step-by-step instructions to ensure that the 3T Alloy Scaffold Tower is erected easily and safely is also supplied.


Usage Guide

  • To maintain Scaffold Tower stability, ensure that the tower is resting on firm, level ground.
  • Never use bricks or other objects to take the weight of any part of the Scaffold Tower.
  • Stabilizers must be used if specified in the component guide.
  • All components supplied must be used to ensure that the Scaffold Tower is of adequate strength (if sections are left out, the Scaffold Tower may collapse).
  • Never use a Scaffold Tower in strong winds.
  • Never use a Scaffold Tower as a support for Ladders, Trestles or other access equipment.
  • Never use a Scaffold Tower with broken or missing parts or with incompatible components.
  • When moving a Scaffold Tower you should always reduce the height to a maximum of 4m, check that there are no power lines or other obstructions overhead, check that the ground is firm and level and push or pull the Scaffold Tower using manual effort from the base only.
  • Never move a Scaffold Tower while people or materials are on it or in windy conditions.

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